LipoMelt targets fat while you take a nap

Progression of LipoMelt session results

Maybe you haven’t gotten the results you want with diet and exercise, or you just don’t have the energy to commit to major lifestyle changes. Then it’s time to consider LipoMelt, a safe and effective way to lose inches without pain, surgery or downtime.

What could be easier than spending 20 minutes bathed in the warmth emitted from LipoMelt’s unique fat-targeting light therapy wraps? No swelling, no bruising, no side effects — just a slimmer, healthier you, says Dr. Janet Yarger of Life ReShaped, which has been offering the fat-targeting treatments since 2017.

“I always encourage people to diet and exercise, but when you combine it  with LipoMelt you’ll see better results,” Dr. Yarger says. “But even if all you can do is just lay there you’re going to get results. You can come in on your lunch break, lay down for 20 minutes and go back to work — it’s that simple. My patients are shocked by how easy it is and how much they’ve lost.” In fact, Dr. Yarger reports remarkable results. Some patients have lost up to 8 inches total in just one session.


Dr. Yarger, a chiropractor, says light therapy has long been used to treat conditions such as chronic pain. But now it’s being aimed at those stubborn fat deposits not-so-affectionately known as muffin tops and saddle bags. 

LipoMelt works by “melting” the fat out of the fat cells in targeted areas — the belly, arms, legs, hips, buttocks and even face, she says.

The technology uses differing wavelengths of light to alter the fat cells so that the fat can seep out. The melted fat is then processed and eliminated from the body naturally. The light also helps improve skin tone and texture.

After the light treatment, patients move to a vibration plate for 10 minutes to help stimulate circulation and help the body break down and release the fat.

“This is as close to natural weight loss as possible. It’s completely noninvasive, unlike liposuction or surgery,” Dr. Yarger says.

Patients often experience a reduction in inches immediately after the first session but Dr. Yarger suggests multiple sessions for best results, along with an anti-inflammatory diet and healthy exercise to help maintain results.

After a patient reaches their goal weight, Dr. Yarger recommends maintenance sessions once or twice a month. The number of initial sessions depends on weight loss goals.


For Jennifer, a patient in her 40s who has worked to lose weight after the births of four children, LipoMelt was the key to finally reducing the stubborn areas that weren’t responding to diet and exercise. 

Jennifer says the procedure is easy and relaxing. “You’re wrapped in warm light, and maybe you nod off for a short 20-minute power nap, and then you’re done.” 

“LipoMelt has made a drastic difference in places that I thought would only have been helped with surgery,” she says. 

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