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Urban Underdog partnership with Purina

Urban Underdog American Lager from Urban Chestnut Brewing Company.

Purina is on track to put $50,000 toward helping shelter pets as part of a partnership with Urban Chestnut Brewing Company.

For every 8-pack sold of the brewery's Urban Underdog American Lager, the company will donate $5 to the Petfinder Foundation.

The promotion began on Sept. 1, but a spokesman said there is no official end date for the promotion. History suggests it may conclude around late October, but it all depends on how quickly the brewery sells out of approximately 10,000 8-packs.

In 2017, the first year of the promotion, Purina donated $3 per 8-pack of beer sold, but last year the company upped the amount to $5.

Over the years the campaign has helped raise more than $150,000.

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