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Buybacks beware: Starting next year, companies will pay a 1% tax when they repurchase their own shares. The levy may raise less money than expected, David Nicklaus and Jim Gallagher predict, as firms substitute dividends for buybacks.

NEW YORK — Apple regularly issues updates to the software powering the iPhone, and sometimes it’s OK to dawdle when it comes to installing them. But that’s not the case with its latest — an upgrade that Apple released Wednesday to close a security hole that could allow hackers to seize contr…

Cost of Living: While politicians argue about who's responsible for inflation, David Nicklaus puts the blame squarely on the Federal Reserve. Jim Gallagher worries that the Fed's tight-money policies could tip the economy into recession.


Although it was Oct. 1, it felt more like early September as we headed out to Columbia, Illinois, for the benefit car show put on by the Knights of Columbus. This trip was a memorable one, for it was a dozen years earlier that we adopted our incredible TKCS-STL mascot, Roy, at a car show at …

College debt: President Joe Biden is considering an order that would wipe out $10,000 of student debt for many borrowers. David Nicklaus and Jim Gallagher argue that it's a bad policy and would disproportionately benefit high-earning graduates.

Sen. Josh Hawley has introduced a bill that would rescind copyright protection for many Walt Disney properties, including early Mickey Mouse films. Jim Gallagher and David Nicklaus call it a political stunt that's probably unconstitutional.

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