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All Shook Up

A Ferris wheel rode high over the Muny stage for this summer's production of "All Shook Up." Now it can be yours. Muny photo 

Looking for the ultimate Muny souvenir? How about the Ferris wheel that dominated the stage in this summer's Elvis Presley musical, “All Shook Up”?

The Muny's asking just $15,000 for the Ferris wheel, which is in good working order. It boasts freshly powder-coated, newly upholstered seats.

Manufactured in 1972 by King Amusement, it has five seats fitted with seat bars and protectors for head and feet. Its A-frame structure gleams with LED fluorescent lighting.

Will it fit in your yard? That depends on the yard. It's 16 feet tall, 19 feet long and 8 feet wide and weighs about 8,000 pounds. If you want it to run, you'll need a 30-amp generator or outlet. Its trailer has a standard 2⅝-inch ball hitch hookup. Just so you know, it's being sold as-is.

Still interested? Send at email to for more information.

Judith Newmark is the theater critic for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.