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When Through Aug. 31 • Where The Chapel, 6238 Alexander Drive • How much $15-$20 • More info

Sophocles’ classic play gets an update in this brilliant and often hilarious ERA/SATE collaboration. The show directed by Lucy Cashion comes across as nothing so much as a hip-hop remix of a theatrical warhorse. Its sheer ambition qualifies “Antigone” as a must-see for true theater fans.

‘Guys and Dolls’

When Through Saturday • Where Tower Grove Abbey, 2336 Tennessee Avenue • How much $25-$30 • More info

Stray Dog Theatre presents the classic musical about New York gamblers and gangsters and the women who love them. Hugely entertaining, with terrific performances by a charismatic cast. Directed by Gary F. Bell.

‘A Man of No Importance’

When Through Sunday • Where The Marcelle, 3310 Samuel Shepard Drive • How much $20-$25 • More info 314-534-1111;

R-S Theatrics presents the charming musical about an Irish bus conductor who devotes his spare time to amateur theatrics. It’s sentimental in the best sense, with strong performances and memorable songs. Directed by Christina Rios.

By Calvin Wilson

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