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"Dog Man: For Whom the Ball Rolls" By Dav Pilkey

For grade-school kids bored during the dog days of summer, an August event at Chaifetz Arena will feature the "Dog Man" author himself, Dav Pilkey.

Pilkey, who first came to St. Louis in 2015 while promoting his famous "Captain Underpants" books, apparently can command top dollar now (or what's top dollar for authors).

The $25 event begins at 1 p.m. Aug. 18 and includes two tickets and a pre-signed copy of "Dog Man: For Whom the Ball Rolls."

Like the Captain Underpants character, Dog Man often wears a cape, but overall he's better dressed. The comic book stories, geared for grades 2-4, feature a hero with a Frankenstein monster-type past. After an accident, a police officer and a K-9 partner ended up with the dog's head fused onto the officer's body.

Pilkey started drawing his "Captain Underpants" books in 1997, so some of his early fans are grown and are parents themselves.

The author-illustrator is known for hooking reluctant readers with his goofy, irreverent stories.

Pilkey has dyslexia, which doesn’t affect his writing or drawing, but it makes him a very slow reader, he has said. And as an adult, he was diagnosed with ADHD.

In 2015, he said: “I had a difficult time as a child at school, and the one safe place I had in my life was my home. I had very understanding parents.”

The stories' misspelled words and potty humor are on purpose, of course, but have also meant that Pilkey's works often land on annual "banned book" lists. Of course parents who have sent sales into the stratosphere of many millions must be OK with the fun.

Tickets to the August event went on sale Tuesday through The Novel Neighbor website.