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Loosely inspired by an actual crime fighter, the first four novels in Amy Stewart’s Kopp sisters series straddled the mystery/historical novel line as feisty sheriff’s deputy Constance Kopp struggled to make a name for herself in the male-dominated 1910s.

But mystery has been dispensed with in the fifth, the brisk “Kopp Sisters on the March,” with Constance and her sisters — crabby Norma and dreamy Fleurette — enrolling in one of the National Service Schools that prepared women for what World War I would require of them, on the home front or overseas.

America’s entry in the war is still in the future as the book ends, but what it lacks in action it makes up for in the cramped, all-in-this-together atmosphere of the camp.

When one woman whips open her tent to introduce its martini-swilling residents with, “Girls, meet the girls,” Kopp recalls the breezy fun of classic, female-centered movies such as “Stage Door.”

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