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Bridge Tips • Bob Jones

Bridge column for June 8

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Neither vulnerable, South deals


♠Q 9 3

♥K J 6 4 3


♣K 10 9 8


♠10 4 ♠K J 8 5

♥A 10 8 ♥9 5

♦K Q 10 5 4 2 ♦9 6 3

♣J 4 ♣Q 7 3 2


♠A 7 6 2

♥Q 7 2

♦A J 8

♣A 6 5

The bidding:


1NT 2♦ 3♥ Pass

3NT All pass

Opening lead: King of ♦

South might have bid four hearts, instead, but he liked his diamond holding and his flat distribution for play in no trump, so he chose that strain despite the eight-card heart fit.

South ducked the opening king of diamonds lead, hoping for a continuation. East’s discouraging three meant that West would have to shift, but to what? A spade would have been more effective, but West decided to play his partner for the queen of hearts. Should he get his partner on lead for a diamond return, the contract would almost certainly be defeated. West shifted to the 10 of hearts, but South rose with dummy’s king and led a low heart to his queen.

West won with his ace and now shifted to the 10 of spades. This was covered by dummy’s queen and East’s king, and declarer made a nice play by allowing East to hold the trick. East, of course, reverted to diamonds. South played the jack, losing to the queen, and West led another spade — low from dummy, eight, ace. Declarer had lost four tricks and couldn’t afford to duck anything else.

Dummy had shed a club on the jack of diamonds, and now shed another club when South cashed the ace of diamonds. When South now led a heart to dummy and cashed two more hearts, discarding two spades from hand, East could not defend the position. In order to keep a high spade, he had to discard two clubs. The king, ace, and six of clubs took the last three tricks. Nicely played! (06/08/17)

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