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East-West vulnerable, South deals



♥J 9 4 2

♦A Q J 6 5 3

♣J 5


♠10 8 6 4 3 ♠A 9 7 2

♥A ♥10 7 6 5

♦K 10 8 ♦9

♣Q 9 8 3 ♣K 10 6 2


♠K Q J

♥K Q 8 3

♦7 4 2

♣A 7 4

The bidding:


1NT Pass 2♣ Pass

2♥ Pass 4♥ All pass

Opening lead: Three of

Hard Luck Louie was hoping for a strong finish in the club’s Saturday night duplicate when he became declarer in this tricky game contract. He played low from dummy on the opening club lead and won East’s 10 with his ace. He led a low trump, losing to West’s ace. West continued with a club to East’s king. East cashed the ace of spades and exited with a club.

Louie ruffed in dummy and drew the trumps with the jack, king, and queen. He led a diamond to dummy’s queen and was pleased when that held the trick. He had to concede down one, however, when East showed out on the ace of diamonds, and West took the last trick with the king of diamonds.

Lucky Larry declared the same contract and the early play was the same. When East continued with the third round of clubs, however, Larry ruffed this carefully in dummy with the nine. He led the jack of hearts from dummy and overtook it with the queen when East followed suit. Larry led a low diamond to the queen, winning the trick, and led dummy’s last trump for the proven finesse against East’s 10. Larry finished drawing the trumps and was in the right hand to lead a diamond to dummy’s jack. He cashed the ace of diamonds for his tenth trick and scored up his game. Nicely played!

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