It’s one of those St. Louis questions: Where did you go to high school? What’s your favorite restaurant on the Hill?

And now: What is your favorite fish fry?

The St. Louis area does fish fries like maybe nowhere else in the country. Driven by a large Catholic population and the kind of craving for saltwater fish that only comes from living in the Midwest, our region is home to more than 100 fish fries during Lent.

Churches (some of which are not Catholic), VFW halls, American Legion posts and other places fry up untold tons of fish every Friday between Ash Wednesday and, in some cases, Good Friday.

And it isn’t only fish that is sold at fish fries. You can find lobster tails at one fish fry and frog legs at another. Some churches with predominately Hispanic congregations offer dishes from Central America along with their fish.

And of course one Unitarian church holds a vegetarian meal it calls an “unfish fry.”

This Lent, do it like a St. Louisan: Plan your best and most efficient route, and try to hit as many fish fries as you can.

Is your Lenten fish fry not listed? Let us know. Contact Daniel Neman at or (314) 340-8133.