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Can we get a mulligan? Our original review of 'Caddyshack' from 40 years ago

Can we get a mulligan? Our original review of 'Caddyshack' from 40 years ago

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Only July 25, 1980, the comedy classic "Caddyshack" made its St. Louis debut. Here is our original review of that movie.

Well, there are these four bananas, see, and each wants to be a top banana, ya know, and get all those great yucks.

Bunching them together alphabetically, so as not to give any extra credit to any of them, "Caddyshack," brings together Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Ted Knight and Bill Murray.

Each rushes busily through his own various routines, fighting for every moment of screen time and ignoring the others. Therefore, we have a motion picture that offers a mild plot line about a caddy at a stuffy country club who is trying to earn a golf scholarship and seduce the club president's visiting niece, but his progress keeps being interrupted by the four comics, who take turns doing stand-up routines that are familiar and obvious.

Dangerfield, of course, blusters and hollers and, as usual, gets as much respect as he deserves. Knight continues to be Ted Baxter maybe he really Is Ted Baxter and we're all the victims of a Mary Tyler Moore-inspired hoax. Murray, who shot almost all his scenes away from the others, offers a few funny moments, but most of the time he is upstaged by a mechanical gopher. Chase, lower in key than the others, is the most, successful, largely because he indicates a certain amount of character, while the others continue to be the same old caricatures.

Michael O'Keefe is the caddy, and he's involved with Sarah Holcomb, an Irish-accented waitress at the club, and Cindy Morgan, as the curvaceous, seductive visitor who goes by the ridiculously cute name of Lacey Underall. Both are there to add the obligatory sex scenes that comedies like this always have.

Brian Doyle-Murray (Bill's brother) teamed with Harold Ramls and Douglas Kenney as the authors, and Ramis directed. By now, all certainly should have outgrown their sophomoric tendencies but viewing the film makes one wonder.

After all, a major sequence involves someone unwrapping a chocolate bar and tossing it into a swimming pool, with all the standard reactions that would gladden the heart of a 10-year-old who was just beginning to understand a "dirty Joke."

This is another of those so-called "raucous" comedies spawned by "Animal House." We have endured them not only on college campuses, but also at summer camps, military schools, tennis clubs, car washes, used car' lots, service stations and the entire cities of San Diego, Los Angeles and Chicago.

I've probably forgotten some of them, but I know I'm getting tired of all of them.

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