For our purposes, Brett Eldredge landed on the wrong side of the Cardinals-Cubs split growing up in his central Illinois hometown of Paris, but we won’t hold a grudge since he said St. Louis has a special place in his memories and in his heart. With two sets of aunts, uncles and cousins in the 314, the country singing star said he and his family made regular pilgrimages to St. Louis.

Favorite attraction? “I went to the science center a couple of times every year. I really remember the planetarium.”

Other St. Louis fun? “We’d come down, and the adults would always be going to the boats, to the casinos. I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to go, too.”

Toasted ravs or St. Louis style pizza? “Barbecue. I’ve had Pappy’s before, but tonight we’re getting ... Sugarfire?”

And what is the 6-foot-4 (nearly 6-5, he acknowledges) singer’s binge food? “Well, I eat pretty healthy.”

No weaknesses? “Probably peanut butter. By the spoonful. I have to put the jar away, or I could eat half a jar.”

Favorite Cardinal player for the Cubs fan? (If you haven’t seen his video for “Wanna Be That Song,” it offers proof of his Cubs-dom.) “Dexter Fowler. I got to know him when he was with the Cubs. He’s a great guy.”

Favorite Cub? “Rizzo.”

And how’s Edgar, his dog whose Instagram account (@edgarboogie) has more than 227,000 followers? “He’s at home in Nashville with my soon-to-be sister-in-law. We’re letting him focus on being a dog.”

On his crooner style and affinity for suits and dinner jackets? “I think it’s part of me. Sometimes I think I was supposed to be born in the ‘50s. I just really got into the Sinatra vibe.”

And high school? “Paris High School.”

Any most-likely-to honors? “I think I got class clown and best-dressed, but it was probably when we all wore puka shell necklaces.”

Current number of puka shell necklaces? “None, thankfully.”

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