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Rapper M.C. grabs attention on new mixtape

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St. Louis rapper M.C. knew what he was doing when he titled his latest mixtape "Grey Goose, Head Phones, and Thirsty Women."

Thirsty women?

"Once people hear the title and see the cover, they say they gotta check this out, even if they have no idea who I am. It's an attention grabber," he says of the mixtape.

He's pictured on the cover in a hotel room with two sexy women and plenty of alcohol.

Explaining the title, the "Get It Crackin"/"Rich City Boy" rapper says "the Grey Goose (vodka) represents getting it cracking. The headphones represent staying focus. Thirsty women represent distraction. So I'm having a good time with music, trying to stay focused and not getting distracted."

On "Grey Goose, Head Phones, and Thirsty Women," M.C. says

"I'm just trying to take all the things I learned in the past and move forward. There was no blueprint to making the album, no master plan. I just wanted to do what I do and grind it out 100 percent," he says. "I'm a better artist now. I've grown."

Featured on the mixtape, released under the Rich City Entertainment banner, is Chicago rapper Twista, a good look for M.C. They met when M.C. opened for Twista in concert. "I was the last name to perform before Twista. I'm performing and Twista was standing right there and he liked it. So I decided to reach out to him to see what would happen," he says.

"The crazy thing was," he adds, "he told me to let him know if I approved of it. I'm thinking he could spit some garbage and I would approve of it."

Other guests on the mixtape are Chingy, Wiz Khalifa, Currency, Murphy Lee, Kyjuan, Ebony Eyez, and more. The majority of the CD is produced by rapper-producer Vega.

M.C. even has Marilyn Manson on the release, in the form of a sample; he borrows from Manson's "Tainted Love" cover. "I'd been wanting to do a rock joint. Of course you want that crossover appeal, but I wasn't writing thinking I wanted to do this for white people."

"Grey Goose, Head Phones, and Thirsty Women" is M.C.'s second solo effort following "Welcome to Rich City" with DJ Sir Thurl a couple of years ago.

M.C. has been on the scene since around 2000, when he started rapping in high school. During his senior year, another student throw a jab at him in a rap and a fire was lit.

"It wasn't anything major, but it was high school, so it was like 'whoa, I gotta get this dude. I was extremely nervous, but I sucked it up and gave it what I had," he says.

M.C. says people liked what they heard, and from then on he took it seriously.

M.C., a big fan of the late rapper Eazy-E, started a group with a buddy that went by the name INoSense, and they lasted a couple of years beginning around 2001. He says his partner was a little more advanced than he, and let it go to his head.

"I looked up and he was doing solo tracks, and I didn't know anything about it. And then one thing led to another," says M.C., referring to the duo's breakup. "It's a blessing now, but at the time I thought it was crazy."

-- M.C. Mixtape Release/Birthday Party with host Mocha Latte, 9 p.m. Thursday, 609 nightclub, $10, presented by Rich City Entertainment and Delux magazine. Everyone gets a free copy of M.C.'s mixtape, and there will be a drawing for a G-Shock watch.


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