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Chelsea Handler’s fans ought to know better by now than to mess with the comedian.

During her concert at the Concert Club at Scottrade Center Saturday night, it was clear Handler was annoyed with a fan who kept screaming at her. The selfish fan wanted Handler to come over and take a picture.

And Handler, who works alone without pulling the audience into her routines, had it up to here.

She paused, seemingly considering her words carefully, then said “This is not interactive. No one paid money to hear you yell (crap) at me.”

The fan was never heard again.

Score one for Handler, who rolled with the diversion. “My Dad used to heckle me, ‘take your top off.’ ‘Dad, shut up. I’m your daughter.’ ” (She continued on her father with a recurring bit best not ever described).

Most of Handler’s hour-long set, albeit occasionally shocking and tasteless, was a score for the late-night TV host, who hit the stage after clips from “Chelsea Lately” played over Lily Allen “Hard Out Here.”

Handler framed her set around an African safari she went on with friends, a trip that inspired her best-selling book “Uganda Be Kidding Me,” and projected low-tech, Polaroid-like snapshots to illustrate many of her stories and punchlines.

She said she made the trip so she could see where rappers came from and anticipated seeing live animals including panda bears in Africa, a “town” she was rich enough to buy. She talked about one of her friends on the trip, Hannah, who complained constantly about the number of insects and black people.

Back in America, she talked about her lawyer lesbian friend who lives with her in Los Angeles (she claimed ownership of her friend) and possibly coined the phrase “turbo lesbian” while demonstrating what that possibly meant.

Handler said she was a lesbian — once. “It was my turn.”

Other bits included her dislike of PETA, devotion to her dogs and her rules for men during lovemaking including no socks, no moaning, no crazy faces, no chewing gum.

There was even a quick dig at Billy Joel. It wasn’t clear if she knew he was just on the same Scottrade Center stage 24 hours before her.

A long, too long actually, description of a messy bout with diarrhea brought her travel stories full circle as she closed out the night.

Comedian Jen Kirkman, a regular on “Chelsea Lately,” said she wanted to wear ice skates to the gig since she heard Scottrade Center was a skating rink. But it got better from there as she talked about marriage, divorce and dating including a funny bit about confronting a boyfriend at a party in a jealous rage.

A bit on gay marriage somehow segued into a story about a woman marrying a cat.