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Murphy Lee

Murphy Lee

Courtesy of the artist

Update: This event has been postponed until 2020. Organizers say the postponement will allow for the use of an upgraded venue and additional headliners.

The inaugural St. Louis Culture Festival is taking place Aug. 24, encompassing live performances, art, dance, DJ spins, fashion, and a beat battle.

The event will take place at 533 Bagby Road.

Performing are Murphy Lee, Iamreggieson, Mvstermind, Lydia Caesar, A Game, Bates, Nikee Turbo, Matty Woods, PinkCaravan! Root Mod, MC Tres, Therapeutics, Leethal, Steve Nold, Real Early, Cedes Cedes, Indeanikole, Jonesboy, Ase Juju, Teacupdragun, TanktheMachine, 360 Zay, Rae F.YA., Shyniece Smith and Brock Seals.

Art is by Rich Washington, Celeste Gray, Brock Seals, Domo Julliano, Tacowashere, Shevare, Jaz Min Franks, Taylor the Mirror, Charles Joy (Chuck Daily), Artdivo, Madeline Kimp and Tyrell Bronner.

Bringing on dance are Amos D, Vandal, Cubix, Tezzyo, Julienne Edwards, Nik Nakk, Techrein, Marquess Pearson, Melissa Hendricks, and Terry “Rupture” Dollson.

The fashion show hosted by the Platform STL features Pure Dopeness, Syrus Klothing, Vanite, Rebellious Designs, and Living in Truth.

Wrapping up things is the Beat Battle hosted by Bates/Femfest with Miistro Freeyo, Indiana Rome, TrueonThatRac, Akedakeyz, RuOntheBeat, TrippyDude, Jusdevin, Splycer, Gizzle Dawg. Volumespeaks will judge.

DJs are Kimmy Nu, DJ Tab, DJ Shay Money, DJ Climate and Nico Marie.

Host are JStarr, Tangivi, Corey Black and Innergy.

Event time is 3 p.m.-11 p.m.

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