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Time has stood still for pop group Jonas Brothers, who, after a decade of being away from fans, are back as if they never left.

The screams have not diminished at all, as evidenced by the full house at Enterprise Center on Saturday night for the group’s “Happiness Begins” tour stop. Buoyed by a hit album of the same name, Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas are back on top.

The guys are older now, having gone from boys to men, with a certain swagger that comes from maturity and maybe having Hollywood wives in the fold. But more than ever, it’s still a “boys just wanna have fun” mentality. The Jonas Brothers came to town with new hits, old hits and solo hits during the 90-plus-minute show.

The brothers wore brightly colored matchy-matchy suits (orange for Nick, blue for Joe and green for Kevin) as they were carried onto the stage on a descending lift. Pyro fired off around them as they got things going with “Rollercoaster,” one of the songs from “Happiness Begins.”

As the band lined the back wall of the stage just in front of the dynamic panoramic screen, the brothers worked the simple but effective stage designed with stairs, cutouts, extended ramps and a path to the B-stage at the opposite end of the arena.

Jonas Brothers at Enterprise Center

The Jonas Brothers perform at Enterprise Center in St. Louis on Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019. Photo by Jon Gitchoff

Jonas Brothers at Enterprise Center

Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers performs at Enterprise Center in St. Louis on Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019. Photo by Jon Gitchoff

Oldie “S.O.S.,” if we can call a 2007 song from the Jonas Brothers an “oldie,” was the group’s first nod to its past. It was quickly followed by selections from the group’s new album with “Cool,” “Only Human” and “Strangers.” The new album got more than a fair amount of play with just over half of the songs performed, which also included “I Believe” and “Hesitate.”

Jonas Brothers’ music, new and old, is still pop, unchallenging and pleasant. But it still gets the job done.

It wasn’t long before Jonas Brothers ditched their blazers in favor of T-shirts, or in Nick Jonas’ case a sleeveless cutoff, as they walked through the crowd to the satellite stage during “Used to Be,” where another lift was employed, this time to carry the group high into the air.

The group said this was the fun part of the show where fans get to decide what song comes next. Fans screamed out what they wanted to hear and held up signs as the group fake-pondered what it’d perform, resulting in the tour debut of “Hollywood,” performed acoustically.

Jonas Brothers at Enterprise Center

Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers performs at Enterprise Center in St. Louis on Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019. Photo by Jon Gitchoff

The brothers got their solo shine during this part of the show, with Joe Jonas’ “Gotta Find You” figuring in along with Nick Jonas’ “Jealous,” complete with Joe Jonas taking on a verse. Back on the main stage after a quick dash through the crowd, “Cake By the Ocean,” by DNCE, a group featuring Joe Jonas, included large inflatables activated on stage and in the audience along with confetti blasts.

Kevin Jonas graced a piano lowered on stage for “Comeback” and “When You Look Me in the Eyes” as his brothers handled vocals.

Offering something special for the “OG fans,” the group performed a medley that included “Mandy,” “Paranoid” and “Hold On.” They came out of the medley with “Lovebug” and “Year 3000” before a flurry of pyro shooting upwards signaled “Burning Up,” the first song of a two-song encore that also included the confetti-filled comeback single “Sucker.”

Jonas Brothers at Enterprise Center

Bebe Rexha performs at Enterprise Center in St. Louis on Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019. Photo by Jon Gitchoff

BeBe Rexha opened impressively, taking cues from more popular pop divas with the scope of her show and attitude. Accented with dancers and her band, she performed from her solo debut album “Expectations” including the song “Meant to Be.” Getting the biggest reactions were her collaborations such as “My, Myself & I,” recorded with G-Eazy, “Take Me Home,” recorded with Cash Cash, and “In the Name of Love,” recorded with Martin Garrix. She also performed “The Monster,” which she co-wrote for Eminem and Rihanna.

Deleasa, brother-in-law of Kevin Jonas, served as DJ for the night, spinning a variety of tunes from the likes of Dua Lipa,  Beyonce, Lizzo, Ariana Grande, Lil Nas X and more. Jordan McGraw opened the show.

.Jonas Brothers setlist, Enterprise Center

“Rollercoaster” “S.O.S.” “Cool” “Only Human” “Strangers” “That’s Just the Way We Roll” “Fly With Me” “Used To Be”“Hesitate” “Hollywood” “Gotta Find You” “Jealous” “Cake By the Ocean” “Comeback” “When You Look in My Eyes” “I Believe” “Mandy” / “Paranoid” / “Got Me Going Crazy” / “Play My Music” / “World War III” / “Hold On” / “Tonight” “Love Bug” “Year 3000” Encore “Burning Up” “Sucker”