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Restaurant/bar/concert club Mile 277 (10701 Watson Road) is closing at the end of the month.

The first post read:

"Mile 277 will be closing at the end of the January. For the past five years, Mile 277 has provided quality food, drink and entertainment. The development of other venues such as Ballpark Village along with numerous lease terms has significantly impacted the operations of Mile 277. The combination of these factors has resulted in significant losses of revenue and profits. Mile 277 cannot continue to sustain these losses. Mile 277 wishes to thank all of its customers, employees, vendors, entertainers and supporters for their patronage." — The Management of Mile 277

Some folks were displeased with the venue mentioning Ballpark Village as a factor, leading to the second post.

"St. Louis first off we thank you for years of great times, laughs, and memories celebrated in Mile 277. The nature of business has a life cycle that is controlled by many factors not Facebook appropriate to talk about. It would be very easy to get defensive and feel the need to retaliate based off some of the comments following our announcement but let's face it that is seemingly what is wrong with the world today. Some people have the need to be heard for what ever reason based off their own opinion which is fine. Mile 277 is in no way pointing a finger or making excuses outside of the nature of business and the struggles any business owner goes through on a daily basis. What we can tell you is we are grateful to have had such a long run in this industry and have met so many great loyal people that we truly enjoy seeing everyday. Mile 277 has been home to so many great people and great bands for so many years and we plan on going out celebrating every great memory. Thank you to all the positive comments and we hope to see you one last time and go out with a smile." — Mike Rostek