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Cor.ece single cover

Cor.ece single cover

Soulful new singer Cor.ece, who originally hails from St. Louis, has been spotlighted by Out magazine for his song “Belong,” listed as part of “7 Songs From Queer Artists You Should Be Listening to Right Now.”

The magazine wrote: “I’ve never heard someone call their sound ‘hopeful-electro-soul,’ but after one listen to Cor.ece's music, it all makes sense. The singer-songwriter from St. Louis blends genres to create a sound that is at once deep-fried, wistful, and at home in a warehouse party. His latest single and video, ‘Belong,’ is a “complicated nod to a relationship that survived nearly a year because we only got along being high,” he said.


Cor.ece. Photo by Jalese Ayana

Cor.ece currently resides in Los Angeles. Get more on Cor.ece here.