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The Fellowship, formerly Treffpunkt, opened earlier this year in an abandoned church at 3453 South Jefferson Avenue for concerts, parties, art shows, meetings and more, but it's already saying farewell.

A statement on the Fellowship’s social media pages reads, in part: “Today we celebrate transitions and new beginnings. With change comes growth and sometimes discomfort. So, we would like to share that the Fellowship is detaching from our brick and mortar and leaving our church location. Before rumors rise and misinformation spreads, we want to make this clear. Our decision to move on was amicable and best for both the owners of the building and us. We both were able to recognize that financially it would be best to cut ties now than to continue and possible issues arise. No bad blood but a chance for growth."

Behind the space were “Whose Streets?” documentary filmmaker and rapper Damon Davis (of Scripts ’N Screwz); iLLPHONiCS frontman Larry “Fallout” Morris; and FarFetched record label owners Charles Purnell and Darian Wigfall (Davis runs the label with them). This is their first time involved with a venue.

They say they’re exploring other opportunities, and the brand will live on.