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If the purpose of Phish’s concert Tuesday night at Chaifetz Arena — the first of two sold-out shows there — was to warm up indoors for a summer tour of mostly outdoor venues, including a headlining set this weekend at Tennessee’s Bonnaroo festival, evidence would suggest the Vermont quartet is heating up just fine.

Across two sets totaling three hours, the band played plenty of favorites, a couple songs from its 2018 turn as the pseudonymous Scandinavian prog-rock outfit Kasvot Växt, and the band debut of “Drift While You’re Sleeping,” a song from guitarist Trey Anastasio’s solo project, Ghosts of the Forest.

In fact, the band — Anastasio, keyboardist Page McConnell, bassist Mike Gordon and drummer Jon Fishman — more or less bookended the show with songs from Kasvot Växt’s fake album “í rokk,” opening the evening with “Cool Amber and Mercury” and kicking off the encore with “Turtles in the Clouds.”

Though part of an elaborate joke for Phish’s 2018 Halloween show, those songs are both built on Phish’s trademark loose-limbed jams. But there are certainly elements of humor, including McConnell’s proggy keyboards on the latter number and, on the former, his playful inclusion of a sample of a woman repeating the phrase “faceplant into rock” in accented English.

Anastasio’s “Drift While You’re Sleeping,” which closed the first set, was given a faithful reading by Phish, the dreamy opening giving way to a Latin- and reggae-tinged middle section and finally a rousing finish.

Phish faithful would have taken note of the possibly sentimental inclusion early in the show of “46 Days,” which name checks crew member Leigh Fordham, who died last month.

The first set also included “Stash,” the crowd doing its part to sing along and add appropriate handclaps; a high-stepping cover of Hot Rize’s bluegrass number “Nellie Kane”; and an extended take on the trippy “Tube.”

The second set felt more interconnected than the first, one song flowing naturally into the next.

“Bathtub Gin” and “Blaze On” featured hearty audience participation, and the band supplied some peak moments during the jams on “No Men in No Man’s Land,” “Ghost” and the closing combination of “Limb by Limb” and “Slave to the Traffic Light.”

As is standard at Phish concerts, the music was front-and-center. There were no video screens, no between-song patter and not even much movement onstage by the band. The lighting rig, which tilted, separated and moved in serpentine fashion, supplied all the necessary visual accompaniment.

The only nod to showbiz was a bit of comical footwork by Anastasio and Gordon during “Turtle in the Clouds.” The band wrapped things up with “Character Zero.”

There was a brief chant of “Let’s go, Blues” in the space between the set and the encore. Whether Wednesday night’s deciding game of the Stanley Cup playoffs will affect the crowd size (or availability of last-minute resale tickets) for the second show remains to be seen.