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Tarek Husseini

Tarek Husseini, 13, is a 2019 contestant on "Kids Baking Championship." Courtesy of Food Network

Next stop for Tarek: The finals.

Tarek Husseini, the 13-year-old baking phenom from Ladue, is advancing to the final round of the "Kids Baking Championship," which airs weekly on the Food Network. He survived a tense pie-baking competition Monday to become one of the three finalists for next week's season-ending episode.

His competitors for the championship are Sophie Tate, 12, from Stansbury Park, Utah, and Trevin Alford, 13, from Washington, Ind.

For Monday night's pie episode, Tarek made a blueberry pie with a cinnamon-flavored crust, which he decorated with moon- and star-shaped pieces of crust, to represent the night sky. As a twist, the bakers had to make ice cream to go with their pies, and it is here that Tarek stumbled by keeping his peach ice cream in the ice-cream maker for too long.

That gave the ice cream a grainy texture, which displeased judges Duff Goldman and Valerie Bertinelli. But he did just well enough to stay in the competition for one last week.

The "Kids Baking Championship" airs at 8 p.m. Monday and is then rebroadcast a few times throughout the week. The winner of next week's finals will take home $25,000 and become the most famous person in his middle school.