Our Events Calendar features events for your school or church, your bar or restaurant, your band or community organization. We've partnered with a company called Evvnt for a new calendar that offers more ways to promote your event.

We hope it makes submitting and finding events on stltoday.com, a whole lot easier. This will give you more control over listing your event and make it easier for our readers and your customers to find out what is happening in the area.

To list your event, click on the link at stltoday.com/events/. You'll see the "promote your event button."

You'll then see a form where you can type in the name of the event, a category and the venue. When you start typing, you'll see options and suggestions for categories.


All events are free to be listed. At the end of each step, we provide ways to promote your event at various price points. Promoting your event will feature it throughout stltoday.com and potentially dozens of other sites depending on the event category and your location. If you wish to have a normal listing, you can continue for free.

You'll then be taken through a quick form where you can add details, such as the time, descriptions and websites for your event. After you finish each stage, click on the green "next step" button at the top of the page. If you're missing a required field, you'll be given details about filling it out.


We recommend uploading images to enhance your event listing. Here are the recommended image sizes. If you do not upload any images, a stock image will be added according to your event category. We also will require a website and an email with each event, so users can contact someone about the event.

You can go back to the previous step to correct any information. When you are finished, you'll get a green "submit event" button.

To complete submission and monitor your event's progress with our reporting, we need you to sign up or sign in with your account.

If you already have an account with evvnt, use the email you signed up with.

If you are a new user, you'll be asked to enter the email you want to sign up with. You'll be sent an email there to confirm your password and see how your event is doing.

You'll be given one more chance to promote your listing with a paid placement. If you don't want to do that, you can check the "free" tab and the tab that says "stay free, upgrade later."


After clicking that button, your event should be live on stltoday.com/events/ in a few minutes. You'll be able to track updates through your email.

Some frequently asked questions:

What category should I select for my event?

Try to select the most specific. Try typing in a couple of different categories to see what shows up.

My item takes place on several days. What's the easiest way to enter multiple dates?

The easiest way to repost this event would be to clone the event. Cloning allows you to re-make the event (without having to go through all the steps!) and change the parts that need changing, like the date. Here is how you can clone your event.

Can I use my stltoday.com log in for calendar?

You can use the same email as you use for your stltoday.com account, but you'll need to verify it with our partner Evvnt.

What do I get with a premium listing?

Your event will be featured on the Home Page and Entertainment section of our website as a featured local event, as well as at the top of the Events Calendar page. Your event will also be entered into a network of 3,800+ potential targeted and localized event listing sites and syndicate your event out on to the ones that relate to your events content. Depending on the event category, certain listing sites will display your event through our feed.