This will surprise the people who think I have the wardrobe of a rainbow sprite, but most of my closet is black. I have no fewer than a dozen black or nearly black pants and jeans, an equal number of black skirts and dresses. I have black blazers and jackets almost exclusively, but it’s a color so dominant that most people don’t really see it. What they see is my colorful shoes or earrings. The color bangles I wear almost without fail. The colorful tops I wear sparingly and my liberal use of colorful headbands. And when it comes to winter coats, I think color should dominate. The eyes gravitate toward color, especially when it’s surrounded by so much blah-blah beige, gray and denim. There’s a whole spectrum of color out there. You don’t have to leap to electric orange. It’s OK to start with navy suede. Even in something as subtle as a few degrees from black, you’ll be surprised at what people will notice. Green shades so dark they look like night forest will eventually catch the right light and spark someone’s curiosity and appreciation. Your basics don’t all have to look so basic. Deep ruby red canvas or denim pants will probably match just as many shirts in your closet as the khaki or black variety. But you can bet which one people will remember. Our preferences were set at very young ages for color and shiny objects. So here are some simple ways for men and women, all of these are unisex options, to add color to their wardrobe without going too far outside their comfort zone.