In an era when most Americans have become truck drivers, the Genesis is a reassuring nod to tradition — a full-size luxury sedan that’s comfortable, quiet, capable and possessing a unique air equal to its station. It’s the type of car that American automakers once built but no longer do. Thankfully, Genesis does, even if Detroit won’t. $72,950

In these dissonant times, when tradition is too often met with contempt and suspicion, the freshly redesigned Ghost arrives with its best attributes intact. It still delivers the most seamless driving experience you’ll ever encounter. The Ghost is a dose of reassurance in an age when everything seems to have come unhinged. $332,500

While its birth was GM’s answer to European sports cars, the newest iteration is perhaps its most radical to date. Try buying a European car with this level of performance, engineering and technology for less than $60,000. You can’t. That why the latest Corvette is the best sports car you can buy. $59,800

Although its name is vaguely SUV-like, this is a station wagon, albeit with outdoors aspirations. A turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six and a 48-volt hybrid system supplants last year’s twin-turbo V-6. Returning 24 mpg, it has a refined, spirited and fun driving demeanor.

A welcome return to form for a brand that has been far too bland for far too long. All-new for 2021, the TLX is the best iteration of Acura’s midsize sedan since the 2004-2008 Acura TL. Its turbocharged four packs a significant performance punch. You’ll find the new TLX’s cabin to be a fairly rewarding place to pass the miles. $47,275

Ford’s full-size pickup accounted for nearly 1% of all new vehicles sold in the U.S. last year. It’s easy to understand why. It’s quiet and comfortable, and features opulent interiors and first-class technology. Something new: a 3.5-liter PowerBoost Full Hybrid V-6 with an EPA rating of 24 mpg. $59,755

The redesigned Sonata exudes a combination of art and understanding that projects an elegant simplicity that feels more premium than it is. Its design is mirrored in its driving demeanor; handling is noticeably better. It makes a compelling case for being the best in its segment. And the hybrid easily returns an astonishing 51 mpg. $23,600