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Menswear Expert of Bespoke Couture Offers Tips for St. Louis Grooms

Menswear Expert of Bespoke Couture Offers Tips for St. Louis Grooms

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Upping his style game on his wedding day

Feeling your best is more than a state of mind on your wedding day. Looking the part often elevates a groom’s confidence. No matter the size of your pocketbook, you too can suit up in a style most reflective of your singular taste. Mark and Marlon Austin, the trendsetting twins behind Bespoke Couture, have set the global fashion world aflame with their made-to-measure and made-to-order pieces. Marlon Austin recently spoke with St. Louis Best Bridal about how to stand out in style at your upcoming celebration.

Color Is King

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image courtesy of Bespoke Couture

“There has been a shift away from the traditional all-black tuxedo – away from the traditional, bland palette of navy, gray or black,” Austin says. “We now see younger people moving away from tuxedos altogether and selecting bespoke, or made-to-measure, suits. [Think] two buttons or roll to three-button models, as well as double-breasted, in more tropical colors such as orange, red, pink and many shades of tan.”

Functional Fashion

“The No. 1 key accessory that men are wearing is the bandanna,” Austin notes. “I was photographed in 2015, wearing one in New York at the first men’s fashion week. When that photo hit the scene, everyone in Italy started wearing it. With the coronavirus, it has [offered] multiuse, as it can be used as a face covering.”

Austin mentions that the tux and sport coats will likely return, but the focus at present is functionality in what one wears. “In this current climate, we believe people will [choose] casual chic,” he says. “Casual leaning toward dressing up. This is not khaki and polo shirts. [It’s] shirts and trousers that have multiple pockets for everyday use.”

Masculine Jewelry

Although pocket squares are still proving popular, Austin believes jewelry for men is gaining the most noticeable traction. “We see a big push for jewelry, [which] includes tricked-out belt buckles, rings and bracelets, as well as necklaces,” he reports. “Lastly, watches are a big accessory piece for men. For those who have the means, [choose] a vintage piece from Patek, Audemars Piguet or Rolex. Those on a budget could rock an UNDONE watch, Timex or Swatch, as long as it’s unique to the wearer and represents their personality.”

He adds that big tech miscalculated with the invention of the Apple watch. “It’s mainstream, but there is nothing unique about it,” Austin explains. “It lacks all character. People are no longer happy looking like robots. They want their individuality to stand out.”

Bespoke Couture, 314-862-7338,

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