Drapery and flowers hanging

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From flowers and lanterns to everything in between, hanging decorations add a special touch to any church, party or reception area. The best part is that you can find — or make — a hanging decoration to match any theme.

Balance size

Consider the space to be used or filled when coming up with hanging decor ideas. If the venue of your choice is on the large side, it may be difficult to make enough pieces to fill it. On the other hand, beware of overwhelming a small, cozy room with too many materials hanging from the ceiling. Find a balance to pull off the perfect look.

Hanging decorations used to enhance the ceremony space become an asset when moved into the reception area. 


Fresh or dried flowers suspended upside down from the ceiling create a warm and welcoming touch and enhance the theme. They provide vibrant colors and distinctive aromas, perfect for an entryway, marking pews or spaced between tables. 

Mixing them with ribbons, strings and other garnishes, particularly those that catch the breeze, makes them more attention-grabbing. A colorful mix of flowers and ribbon helps pull off a soft design complement to nearly any theme. Dress up an entry door and be certain guests find their way at the invitation of a greens-wrapped initial. 

Hanging backdrops

For a stunning yet practical party favor and scrapbook filler for reception photos, consider hanging a backdrop made of a combination of paper cutouts and flowers and other special touches that complement the wedding colors. Guests will flock to capture their own memories of the celebration in front of a spectacularly designed backdrop.

Check out the pros

Picking the imagination of professionals, planners and florists helps form your own unique wedding look. If you have an idea for a hanging decoration that you have not seen at weddings in the past, check whether it is possible to pull it off by asking a designer you have met at a bridal show. 

They also may contribute ideas running under your own radar. This kind of collaboration is key in exploring all options for perfect hanging decor and perhaps handing the task over to a professional who can implement it for the occasion.