Ready, set, honeymoon!

Photo provided by Green Shoot Media.

The wedding will be beautiful with details to remember for your entire life, but there is a small compartment in a bride and groom's heart also is relieved to leave the stress of planning such a major event behind. 

Both the newlyweds have some well-earned relaxation coming!

No matter if the plan is a relaxing week on the beach, adventure in the mountains or a quick city getaway, it is important to bring everything that could possibly be needed.

Make a list

Making a list is the first step to ensure nothing important gets left behind. The key is not to make the list in one sitting or just a few days before departure. It needs to be revisited before being set aside to grab-and-go at the last minute. Treating a trip planned to start the morning after the reception or six months later the same way relieves hassle.

Choose clothes and accessories that mix and match for fun, relaxation and special times and that provide more than one use to relieve pressure the entire time of the trip.

Maybe carry-on only

Not checking luggage makes traveling much easier and saves precious time when boarding and at the destination. Think about it. Which is better: pacing around a luggage carousel or being inches closer to sipping mai tais at a beach-side bar?

Try packing items in luggage – versatile in both instances – for the trip. A local luggage store or one that offers specific items like pack-flat toiletry kits and packing cubes saves serious room in a suitcase.

Checking a bag

No matter if it does seem inconvenient, some bags just need to be checked. Maybe your honeymoon is an extended trip or you will hit several destinations in varying climates. You may need to take more liquid items than a carry-on allows or its bulk is simply too hard to pack in an overhead bin.

Whatever the reason, checking a bag or two might be the best bet. Some couples come equipped with an extra container packed inside to bring out for souvenirs on the return trip.

If so, planning a carry-on becomes more important, just in case the checked bag doesn’t arrive with the travelers, even if it is simply a delayed delivery after the next flight arrives. Consider adding travel insurance to make sure it is covered, should it be lost. 

Always pack at least one spare outfit, comfortable flats, swimsuit and another spare outfit appropriate for dinner. This should help get through the first few days without checked luggage before it is either found and delivered or allow enough time to purchase replacements of essential items at the destination.