Reception venue

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Learn about any additional charges that may apply to venue fees: Taxes? Cleaning fee? Security? Insurance?

Select a variety of wedding dates you would consider: The more flexible, the better.

Draw up a guest list: Make sure the venue capacity works for both your budget and guest count.

Inquire about tenting and rainy-day options: Is your locale of choice prone to unpredictable weather

Research the venue’s existing décor: Does it match your overall wedding theme?

Consider holidays that may clog up nearby hotels: Guests will need accommodations.

Consider the season: Are your preferred flowers in-season?

Find out which venues offer day-of coordination: You may need a helping hand for your big day.

Make sure you know the load-in and load-out rules and restrictions: Is there an event the day before your wedding date?

Discuss with your venue any sound curfews that may apply: Where and when is music allowed? Only inside? Only outside? Both?

Verify if the venue is exclusive to specific vendors: Can you bring in food and beverage vendors of your own?

Ask if catering is included: If yes, check out what their menu offers. Make sure they have options to satisfy all your guests.

Double-check the policy on overtime rates: Don’t forget to add this to your “what-if ” budget.

Make sure you know whether or not there are bathrooms on-site: If not, you may have to rent a temporary restroom.

Discuss the on-site parking situation: Lack of venue parking may require you to shuttle guests.

Learn about options for a bridal suite: Pre-ceremony comfort is everything for a cool and collected bride, whenever the month and season.

Visit the venue: Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but seeing is believing.