spring wedding

Photo by Green Shoot Media

The sights and smells of blossoming flowers will already create a stunning backdrop. Adding these gorgeous accents can add even more excitement to your day of wonder.

Spring also presents more options for the clothing you choose. The right style will not only make an impression in photos, but lightweight material and soft colors keep your friends and family comfortable. Try to have fun with bridesmaid dresses by encouraging your girls to choose similarly designed outfits in different shades of color.

Here are some other spring-themed ideas to create a wedding that you won’t forget.

Outdoor dance floor

Consider a venue that offers an outdoor dance floor to share your special moments under a star-filled sky. The logistics of setting up a reception outside can require more planning than an indoor venue. Talk to the owners to ensure their floorspace will fit the number of guests you expect and if they have electricity to power your band’s or DJ’s equipment.

Drink stand

After cutting it up on the dance floor, your guests will undoubtedly be thirsty. Quench their thirst by offering their favorite drinks in an eye-catching manner. To add a variety of color to your bar, use clear glass pitchers and fill them with a variety of drinks like lemonade, fruit punch and tea.

You may consider creating separate areas for alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks so that every guest feels comfortable.

Delicious desserts

One of the most underrated aspects of the reception meal is the dessert. This portion of the menu has a chance to leave a lasting impression with your guests and inspire them to use your ideas in their own future events.

A staple at most weddings is a delicious and beautiful wedding cake. Ask a decorator to design the centerpiece with floral colors that match the rest of your event’s pallet. You should also take advantage of in-season berries and fruits for a garnish to make the delicacy even more attractive.

In addition to a spring-themed cake, consider offering other appealing desserts. Colorful pies and cookies can satisfy your guest’s sweet tooth and are a welcome addition to the buffet of any spring wedding.