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If you’re planning a wedding, there’s no need to buy everything you’ll need for the event. Here are 10 things to consider renting instead:

1. Tables and chairs: Even if your venue offers them, you may prefer to choose different ones that better suit your theme.

2. Table linens and napkins: These come in a number of colors and styles and can be selected to complement your wedding aesthetic.

3. Lighting: Add lights to create the precise ambiance you’re looking for.

4. Centerpieces: You’ll need to purchase the flowers, but many florists offer vases as rental items.

5. Tents: If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, it’s important to have a plan in place in case it rains.

6. Lounge furniture: An area with comfortable chairs and couches is a great place to rest between dances.

7. Dance floor: A space to cut the rug is a must at most weddings. If your venue doesn’t have one, rent it.

8. China, flatware and stemware: Your caterer or venue may have some that you can use, but you may wish to upgrade to nicer looking pieces.

9. Photo backdrop: Whether you’re planning a photobooth or not, a beautiful backdrop is sure to be a hit with selfie-loving guests.

10. Entertainment: If you want to make sure your guests have fun, rent some large scale games or even a bouncy castle to keep them talking.

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