Katharine Foster shares picture from wedding on husband David's 70th birthday
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Katharine Foster has shared a new picture from her wedding to husband David Foster to mark his 70th birthday (01.11.19).

The 35-year-old actress tied the knot with the Canadian musician in June, and to mark his milestone birthday, the 'Scorpion' star shared a series of snapshots from their memories together, including a picture of Katharine walking down the aisle at the Church of Saint Yeghiche in London.

The 'House Bunny' star also gushed about how David "charmed his way" into her "heart" when they started dating two years prior to getting married.

She captioned the sweet Instagram post: "I've known this man for 13 years now!"

"What was once a working relationship became a friendship and ultimately led us here."

"Anyone who meets him talks about how charming he is, so much so that he eventually charmed his way into my heart.

"I'm so proud that he's my husband! May God bless you with many many more years. Happy birthday baby! @davidfoster (sic)"

Katharine adores being with David, and recently admitted their relationship is just incredibly "easy".

She said: "We just love being with each other. There's no arguing, no drama. It's just easy. That's how it should be."

Meanwhile, the 'American Idol' alum is keen to have kids with David and has his daughters Erin and Sara's blessings.

The trio discussed the prospect during a trip to the Hamptons, with a source adding: Sara and Erin fully expect her to have a child and fully support it."

And Sara had previously sung Katharine's praises, insisting she will be a "great addition" to the family.

She said: "She's great. She's a great addition. You know I've learned to not rule anything out [about kids]. I think anything is possible at this point. Who knows? ... She's wonderful. The other day she was like, 'I got you a facial,' and like that's so cool. My dad loves love and my dad loves commitment. My dad's always been married. He's never been single really. He's a real commitment, marriage kind of guy and I'm happy for him."

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