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Anthony Slaughter

Anthony Slaughter

Fans of the noon newscast on KSDK (Channel 5) — which apparently there were not enough of — will have to make do without that show from here on out.

The 30-minute cast, with Ryan Dean anchoring and Anthony Slaughter serving up the weather, was discontinued effective on Monday because of poor ratings.

"We did an analysis and found that the noon hour was the peak time for people getting their news off social media" and not televised newscasts, station general manager Alicia Elsner said.

"So we're in the process now of developing content for those consumers," she said.

But for the next year at least, the noon-to-12:30 p.m. slot will be filled with reruns of the game show "Jeopardy!"

On the personnel side, no jobs are being eliminated because of the noon newscast's demise.

"Ryan and Anthony are both vital to the morning news shows, and they will be doing more for those newscasts," Elsner said.