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If a summer job is in your financial future, St. Louis is a pretty good place to be.

Our list-loving content providers at WalletHub, a marketing website, rank the Gateway City at No. 8 among the largest 150 cities in the U.S.

The top five cities were: Washington; Scottsdale, Ariz.; San Francisco; Orlando, Fla.; and Reno, Nev. Kansas City finished at No. 33; Springfield, Mo., No. 41.

Our fair burgh finished strong in several categories: No. 8 in entertainment; No. 11 in availability of summer jobs per capita; and No. 13 in number of internships listed per capita.

The strength of St. Louis' internship opportunities is backed up by another study, something called the "GoodCall 2016 Summer Internships Report." The latest report lists St. Louis as being No. 6 among large cities for finding a summer internship.

More than 2,000 cities were examined for the full report, which lists the top five cities as: Washington, Atlanta, San Francisco, Boston and Pittsburgh.