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AUGUST 31 2008- Crowds gathered Sunday in the The HIll to watch the Giro della Montagna races -- above the amatuer races started out the day of racing. Laurie Skrivan | Post-Dispatch GREGORIAN CYCLE STORY

With Chesterfield's recent backhand slap at bicyclists notwithstanding, a study shows that St. Louis is No. 13 when it comes to biker-friendly environment.

Value Penguin's study, "Best Cities for Biking," looks at the 200 largest metropolitan areas in the U.S. for its rankings, using 16 factors in three categories to form the ranks.

Also finishing in the top 20 was Springfield, Mo., which clocked in at No. 15.

STL's highest rating, No. 3, came in the category of available bike trails.

In light of that finding, consider that St. Louis County officials want to add more biking space. They have proposed to re-stripe Baxter Road, from Clarkson Road to Wild Horse Creek Road. 

But the Chesterfield City Council earlier this week passed a resolution opposing that plan, and also said it was considering legal action to stop the road changes.

In the other two categories, STL finished No. 56 when it came to number of riders and No. 103, our lowest ranking, in the category of weather and safety.

Our fair burgh also finished higher than other major cities in our general vicinity: Kansas City (35), Chicago (54), Indianapolis (104) and Memphis (129).