Monday is Labor Day, and we all know what that means: grilling (and celebrating the American worker, of course). 

But we first tried this to celebrate another big dog day - July 4th. (See below.) 

Americans eat more hot dogs on the Fourth of July than any other day of the year.

How many? Enough hot dogs to stretch from St. Louis to Paris, then back to St. Louis, and then back to Paris again.

And there would still be more than enough frankfurters left over to keep going all the way to Frankfurt.

That's 150 million hot dogs on the Fourth of July alone.

It seems like the most patriotic thing we can do: eating hot dogs to celebrate our nation’s birth. What could be more American than taking a food that was brought here by immigrants and making it our own?

And they are so simple. All you need is a hot dog and a bun, and maybe a squirt of mustard.

Which is exactly why, for this Fourth of July, I decided to go the extra mile. The extra 10 miles, actually.

I decided to take the all-American (but German) hot dog and make it fancier with toppings — 10 different ways.

Ten delicious toppings? That’s one for each amendment in the Bill of Rights. Let’s run them down: