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Carptenter's Crunch

This sweet Cheerio-like cereal is the latest food offering from Matt Carpenter. Photo by Hillary Levin.

Only a curmudgeon would point out that a guy who is batting .214 should maybe concentrate more on his hitting than his food empire. That said, this Cheerios-like cereal is far better than his ketchup-heavy salsa. Although it is promoted as “Honey Nut Toasted Oats,” you’d be hard-pressed to taste the nuts (almonds are listed as the 11th ingredient, right after tripotassium phosphate). What you taste is the honey and the sugar and brown sugar, as well as the oats. If you like your cereal sweet, this one will make your A1C numbers soar.

Size • 14 ounces

Price • $3.50 (on sale)

Available • Schnucks 

— Daniel Neman