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Grilled Sunflower Heads

Grilled Sunflower Heads

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Yield: Depends on size of sunflower

1 sunflower head, see note

Olive oil

Salt and pepper

Optional toppings such as butter, garlic butter, garlic salt, paprika, chopped fresh herbs, sundried tomatoes, vinaigrette or spices.

Note: Pick a sunflower head in late summer, when the flower just starts to droop. There should be seeds under the yellow fuzzy flower part, but the shells should still be soft.

1. Prepare a medium-hot grill.

2. Remove the sunflower’s petals, if any, and use your fingers to brush off the yellow fuzzy flower part. Rinse thoroughly. Brush with plenty of olive oil or flavored olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Add dry optional toppings, if you want: garlic salt, paprika or spices.

3. Place the sunflower head face-down on the grill. Cover and cook 5 minutes.

4. If desired, add optional wet or fresh toppings: butter, vinaigrette, fresh herbs. Eat as you would a corn on the cob; forks are also suitable.

Ingredients are too variable for nutritional analysis.

Recipe by Daniel Neman

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