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Grand Theft Autumn cocktail.

Photo courtesy Bailey's Range.

QI had a great drink at Baileys’ Range that I’d like to make at home. It has wonderful fall flavors of butterscotch, caramel and apple. I remember the word “Autumn” was in the name of the drink. Would Baileys’ Range be willing to share? — Stacey Rynders, Dutchtown

A • Bar manager Chris Burks developed this seasonal cocktail at Baileys’ Range using a favorite fall treat as a jumping off point. “When I look back on fall, on Halloween, I think of caramel apples,” Burks says. The drink, made with a butterscotch and brandy-infused apple cider, apple vodka and a splash of cranberry juice comes in a frosty martini glass rimmed with caramel sauce — a mélange of fall flavors perfectly blended into a finely crafted cocktail, Grand Theft Autumn.

This specialty cocktail uses butterscotch sauce and caramel made in house, ingredients that can also top the premium ice cream Baileys’ kitchen crew churns out. “The burgers, the food, the ice cream, the shakes, and the drinks here all focus on the ingredients. If we can make it in house, we do,” Burks says.

Baileys’ Range is best known for its inventive burgers, so we asked Burks for a suggested burger pairing for this cocktail. “I’d pair this with any burger that’s a little on the spicy side, definitely with fries, and chipotle ketchup,” he says.

At Baileys’ there’s a burger to please meat eaters, vegans and vegetarians including 100-percent grass fed and grain finished American range beef, chicken, bison, chickpea and other vegan options, or Match meat. The restaurant buys from local farmers whenever possible and even raises produce on its own farm.

The fun space features a mezzanine overlooking a large community table on the main floor. A clever wall of recycled windows gives glimpses into the open kitchen. The cheeky descriptions of food and drink make the menu a treat to read.

Once each month, the restaurant hosts Community Table, a socially conscious event that benefits local charities. Baileys’ Range donates 25% of all food and beverage sales between 5 and 9 p.m. to the designated charity or nonprofit organization.

“I like sharing this recipe so people can make this drink at home,” he says. He encourages home cooks to try making the butterscotch sauce and caramel, but stresses that store-bought ingredients will also work for this fall drink. He also suggested that the apple cider infused with only the butterscotch sauce makes a good nonalcoholic drink for fall dinners and parties.

We asked about the name for this cocktail and learned that Burks, a music aficionado, often names his signature drinks after a favorite song. “Grand Theft Autumn” is a track on the 2003 album “Take This to Your Grave” by Fall Out Boy. We thought that sounded like the perfect Halloween cocktail, but he has concocted something zombie-like for All Hallows’ Eve. “The Purple People Eater,” he says.

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Baileys’ Range

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