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Bread pudding from Patty Long Catering

Bread pudding with raisins and served with bourbon-butterscotch sauce is a featured item at Patty Long Catering, Inc. Photographed at the company's Beyond Broadway location in the Soulard neighborhood of St. Louis Friday, March 21, 2014. Photo by Sid Hastings

Q • I would love the recipe for the bread pudding that Patty Long Catering served at the 9th Street Abbey. Just thinking about it, I get hungry! — Barb Heater

A • When heads turn to catch sight of a feather-boa’d woman cruising the narrow streets of Soulard in a vintage yellow convertible, odds are that the driver is Joan Long, the “Long” of Patty Long Catering. Long and Deborah Patty famously entered the catering business in 1986 while on strike with other TWA flight attendants. While Patty exited years back, Long says people mistakenly call her “Patty Long.” She laughs, “I just never changed the company name. It cost something like $25.”

Patty Long Catering hosts weddings, corporate events, bar and bat mitzvah celebrations and other special occasions at top event locations across the metro area plus its own two historic venues, the 9th Street Abbey in Soulard and Beyond Broadway in a former billiards factory near the river south of downtown. Long is proud of the company’s longevity. “Relationships are what make this business rewarding,” she says.

Patty Long now operates without a restaurant, and Long doesn’t miss the daily grind. Every day of the week is, she says, “not worth it.” However, the 9th Street Abbey will serve brunch on April 20, Easter Sunday.

The moist and cinnamon-y bread pudding is a signature item for the catering company, Long says. “I could eat three; it’s that good.”

Patty Long Catering

1804 South Ninth Street


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