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Special request: Carondelet Diner's quiche becomes a sell-out favorite

Special request: Carondelet Diner's quiche becomes a sell-out favorite

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Western Quiche at Carondelet Diner

The Western Quiche at Carondelet Diner has quickly become a customer favorite for its combination of ham and green peppers baked in a creamy egg and cheese custard in a pastry shell. The diner serves the quiche with a seasonal fruit salad. Photo by Pat Eby

Q • Will you please print the recipe for the Western quiche from Carondelet Diner? — Nichole Dennis, St. Louis

A • Owner Sue Stewart learned the restaurant business managing a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. Her dream, however, was to serve home-cooked meals in a small setting. At the Carondelet Diner, she serves breakfast and lunch seven days a week from 6:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Breakfast options abound at Carondelet Diner, but the addition of several quiche recipes offered on Sundays caused quite a stir at the popular South City spot. “When we first added it, I thought we’re not a quiche kind of place, but we keep selling out, making more the next week, then selling out again,” Stewart says. “The Western quiche is the most popular, followed by the three-meat, which includes sausage, ham and bacon. We do a quiche with vegetables only as well.”

Cook Tiffany Metteer, who is Stewart’s cousin, brought the quiche recipes to the diner. “Tiffany usually makes the crust, but store-bought crusts work well,” Stewart says. “We’re working on a few new ideas for the breakfast menu, and we always have specials for both breakfast and lunch.”

The most popular menu items at breakfast include the slinger and the smothered plate. Slingers feature hash browns topped with a hamburger patty and two eggs covered with chili, cheddar cheese and jalapenos. The smothered plate is similar, but with country gravy instead of chili, sausage instead of hamburger, with no jalapenos.

The small, 48-seat diner recently celebrated its fourth anniversary in business. “We were in the middle of remodeling when the anniversary came up, so we didn’t get to celebrate much, but I was happy,” Stewart says.

Sundays, the diner is jam-packed with large parties of families and churchgoers. “We take reservations and recommend them for large parties, but it’s nonstop crowded every Sunday morning from about 10 until noon. We’ll carry the quiche every day for two weeks after this article prints, but usually, it’s a Sunday-only item.”

The out-of-the-way diner isn’t the easiest to find. It’s located east of South Broadway in a mixed industrial and residential district. “From South Broadway, turn toward the river on East Davis Street, go about three blocks, look for the big chef statue standing on the roof, and you’ll find us at the corner of Reilly and South Davis. If you get to river, you’ve gone too far,” Stewart says.

Carondelet Diner

8129 Reilly Avenue,


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