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The grilled salmon dinner entree at Eleven Eleven Mississippi marries great flavors from Tuscany with a California twist. The salmon rests on a garbanzo medley and is sauced with a basil creme fraiche with topped with a cucumber mandarin salad.

Q • Any chance that Eleven Eleven Mississippi’s grilled salmon with garbanzo beans, jalapeños and more could be shared? — Susan Lloyd, Collinsville

A • The grilled salmon, a popular dinner entree item at Eleven Eleven Mississippi, incorporates the glorious flavors of Tuscany with an inspired California twist. The marriage of these two popular food cultures has long been a signature of the creative kitchen at this Lafayette Square restaurant as is the attentive service and warm hospitality.

Manager Bob Colisimo not only shared the recipe for this grilled fish and its singular accompaniments, but he also thoughtfully considered how cooks could best achieve good results making the dish at home.

His first recommendation is to start with high-quality, fresh ingredients, locally grown when possible. “We get our mint and basil from just outside our door in the patio garden or from Hamilton farms,” he says. The farm supplies fresh herbs and produce all season long to the other restaurants in the Hamilton Group as well. The honey in the basil crème fraiche comes from hives Colisimo himself tends at the nearby urban farm.

He suggests using premium brand canned garbanzo beans, rinsed and drained for ease of preparation. Although Colisimo lists the thinly sliced jalapenos in the recipe as optional, they add a nice zing and a West Coast vibe to the dish, as do the sun-dried tomato slices, and the cool bite of citrus and cucumber with honey and mint. The layered flavors and textures, top to bottom, make for an enjoyable adventure in both the cooking and the eating.

Engaging experiences at Eleven Eleven go well beyond lunch, dinner and happy hour at the bar, however. Check the calendar on the restaurant’s website for dates and information about special dinners like the Chef’s Tours of Cities of Italy and Bob’s Bees Honey Dinners.

There’s still time to make reservations for the Feast of Saint Gennaro on Sept. 26 when Eleven Eleven holds a street-style festival on the patio. This Italian festival originated in 1926 when immigrants from Naples congregated in the streets of New York City, as they had in Italy, to celebrate Saint Januarius, the patron saint of Naples.

Just as in NYC, a highlight of the Eleven Eleven festival features a smorgasbord of Italian classic street and comfort foods like chicken spedini skewers, sausage and peppers on ciabatta, prosciutto-wrapped melon, pea and pancetta arincini, and more. The festival also features traditional Italian cocktails and wine.

During the month of September, Eleven Eleven Mississippi is participating in the STL Chefs Fight Against Hunger, a joint fundraising effort of the St. Louis Area Food Bank, Feast Magazine and St. Louis area restaurants. Each time a diner purchases the designated dish at each participating restaurant, the restaurant donates a dollar to St. Louis Area Foodbank. At Eleven Eleven, an order of the bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin with sweet potato puree and rosemary-scented green beans benefits the food bank.

Eleven Eleven Mississippi

1111 Mississippi Avenue


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To request recipe • Would you like to request a recipe from a restaurant that is still open in the St. Louis area? Send your request along with your full name and the city you live in to