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Q • The stuffed mushrooms at Sam’s Steakhouse are the best. — Tom Dinkel

A • Just east of Grant’s Farm, there’s no missing Sam’s Steakhouse during the holidays, inside and out. Second-generation owner Pat Long says, “We love Christmas here. My dad is 80, and Christmas is his thing, especially the music. Last year he did 13 Christmas trees, it was Christmas on steroids.” Sam’s Steakhouse customers approve, the festive setting is popular for Christmas parties and holiday gatherings.

Long calls Sam’s Steakhouse one-third “classic 1950s steakhouse” and one-third “casual steak place” that attracts a younger crowd (including a separate bar area with its own menu and craft beers plus live music and big-screen TVs turned to sports) and one-third “something in-between.” Next year, the restaurant will celebrate its 25th anniversary.

The filet is the best-selling steak; all Sam’s Steakhouse steaks are aged for 22 days and never frozen. Customers also flock in for extra-good slow-baked potatoes and sweet potatoes.

Stuffed mushrooms have always been on the menu, but like the restaurant itself, the recipe has evolved over the years. “Each chef makes it better and better,” Long says. What’s never changed, he says, is quality lump crab meat, enough to make sure customers really taste the crab.

Executive Chef Greg Manuel says that in recent months, demand for the Stuffed Mushrooms is high. “We’re getting extremely good comments.” The cream cheese filling is holiday-pretty and seasoned with Cajun spices, one of Paul Prudhomme “magic” blends easily found in local supermarkets. Manuel says it’s a little tricky knowing when Stuffed Mushrooms are done. If the mushrooms are hard to the touch, put them back in the oven, he advises.

Sam’s Steakhouse

10205 Gravois Road


Special Request is written by Town and Country resident Alanna Kellogg, author of the online recipe column and “veggie evangelist” at the food blog about vegetables, A Veggie Venture.

Special Request is written by Town and Country resident Alanna Kellogg, author of the online recipe column and “veggie evangelist” at the food blog about vegetables, A Veggie Venture.  

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