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Guacamole at Dos Reyes

Guacamole at Dos Reyes Mexican Restaurant. Photo by Pat Eby

Q • I’d like to have the recipe for the guacamole at Dos Reyes Mexican Restaurant. It’s creamy, delicious and great with their fresh tortilla chips. — David Loeb, St.Louis

A • The guacamole at Dos Reyes Mexican Restaurant is exceptional for its fresh, light flavors of avocado, lemon, diced tomato and chopped cilantro with a touch of heat from a jalapeno. Chef Mauricio Garnica tops it with minced fresh onion, corn kernels and crumbled queso fresco. The garnishes have great eye appeal, plus they add pops of flavor and texture as well.

“Guacamole is popular in every restaurant in Mexico. The funny thing is, in Mexico we use it on plates, on the side, to add to tacos, steak and fajitas. In the United States, it is served like a dip for chips. When my mother made guacamole, we never had chips on the table,” Garnica says. “If you go to an American tourist area in Mexico, you can ask for salsa and chips, but it’s not a Mexican standard.”

Garnica and his partner Jorge Salazar first met in a food safety certification class. Garnica was working as an assistant manager and baker at Companion Cafe in Clayton. Salazar managed the kitchen at Three Kings restaurant on Delmar. When Companion Cafe closed, Garnica went to work with Salazar at Three Kings.

The two men realized they shared a common dream to own a Mexican restaurant serving the traditional foods with the fresh food and flavors they grew up with in Mexico. In 2017, they realized their dream and opened as One Way Cafe and Bar. Within six months, they changed the cafe’s name to Dos Reyes Mexican Restaurant.

“We realized our name didn’t reflect our food,” Garnica says. Dos Reyes translates to two kings, Garnica and Salazar, working together to bring authentic Mexican flavors to their restaurant.

“Everything is made fresh in our kitchen,” Garnica says. The most popular dishes in the summer are the enchiladas and street tacos, which guests usually enjoy on the covered patio that fronts on Hampton Avenue. Fajitas remain a popular dish year round, but peak in the cool months.

“We’ve just begun serving them on skillets,” Garnica says. “In Mexico, we ate them on plates, but our customers wanted the skillets.”

The enchiladas, burritos and tacos all feature slow-cooked and roasted meats cooked in house. They also serve a selection of Mexican sandwiches, called tortas, that are big enough to share.

Try these with another customer favorite, the Mexican Street Corn Dip, which was a Special Request last year.

Dos Reyes Mexican Restaurant

5912 Hampton Avenue

314-833-5550; search for it on

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