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Special Request LeGrand's -- Joyce's Famous Pasta Salad

Joyce's famous pasta salad includes artichoke hearts, black olives, pimentos, Parmesan, red onion, salami, and garbanzo beans mixed into tri-color rotini pasta. The salad is finished with poppyseed dressing and refrigerated for one day before serving.

Q • Would it be possible to get the recipe for pasta salad at LeGrand’s? It’s a tasty dish that would be great for an end-of-summer barbecue. — David Loeb, Benton Park

A • Joyce LeGrand’s famous pasta salad has been a great seller since 2012, when she added it to the menu at this family-owned market, deli, butcher shop and catering company in south St. Louis. “That salad has everything in it that she loves,” James LeGrand II says. “She’s Italian. There’s black olives, Volpi salami, red onion, artichoke hearts, garbanzo beans, pimentos, spinach and rotini noodles, all tossed with a poppy seed dressing.”

When the LeGrand family took over at the former Binder’s Tom Boy store on Donovan Avenue in 1987, they kept the store’s lighted Tom Boy sign, which dates from 1936, and incorporated the LeGrand name into its marquee. They also kept another tradition from Binder’s. “When kids come in with their parents, we offer them a lil’ smokie, if the parents approve,” LeGrand says. “We have kid-sized shopping carts, too. In the cafe, we’ve got an original vintage child’s table for four.”

The deli-cafe offers more than three dozen hot and cold sandwiches, an array of side dishes all made in house, chips of all kinds and homemade desserts such as gooey butter cookies, brownie pops, salted chocolate chip cookies, cake pops and more.

One standout on the sandwich menu, the Legend Club, includes Sausalito turkey, pastrami, pepperoni, bacon, hot pepper cheese, Havarti, garlic cream cheese and roasted red pepper sauce. “We make nearly 50 pounds of garlic cream cheese every week because of that sandwich,” LeGrand says. “People love it — it’s our top-secret recipe. That one, we won’t share.”

The cafe is open, airy, and often packed with friends and families sitting at vintage chrome and Formica-topped kitchen tables enjoying a meal. “We get our tables and chairs from our neighbors at the Future Antiques on Chippewa,” he says. The meat and deli counter, which runs nearly the length of the south wall, displays house-made specialties, Boar’s Head meats, USDA prime and choice meats, sausages and bratwursts. “We make 200 pounds of sausages each day,” he says. They make classics like German brats and Italian salsiccia as well as a range of specialty products. “Our chicken sausages have gotten really popular. We offer the basic, as well as bacon ranch and tomato basil chicken sausages.”

LeGrand is well-versed in making sausages. “I started twisting brats in the store when I was about 8 years old,” he says. “I had an apron, with my name on it, and I stood on a milk crate, so I could talk to people.”

Today, in addition to the work he does with his father, also named James, in the store, the deli and the butcher shop, James II schedules their catering jobs. “We can cater anything from a dinner for two to a spread for a thousand people.”

LeGrand’s Market & Catering

4414 Donovan Avenue

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To request recipe • Would you like to request a recipe from a restaurant that is still open in the St. Louis area? Send your request along with your full name and the city you live in to