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Fuji and Gala apples combined within cinnamon and lemon juice creates a sweet and tart chunky applesauce at Stacked Burger Bar.

QI would like to have the recipe for the chunky applesauce at Stacked Burger Bar. It’s the perfect lighter side when you don’t want fries or chips with your burger. It’s sweet and tart with a nice touch of cinnamon. — Jen Hinkl, Princeton Heights

A • You don’t ordinarily find “applesauce” listed as a side dish in a great burger joint, but then, the applesauce at Stacked Burger Bar isn’t at all ordinary.

Chunky, sweet, lightly caramelized, and tingly tart, this side dish holds its own against the brawny burgers at Stacked. “The flavor of the apples works well with our burgers, but especially with our pork offerings, and with our turkey burger as well,” chef and co-owner Laura Windisch (formerly Borghardt) says. The cooked apples provide a nice change of pace from sides of fries, chips and onion rings.

Windisch uses this applesauce as a base for the Apple Pie Bites on the dessert menu. She also turns it into a savory apple butter she uses with pork and with turkey burgers, and she sometimes uses it as a base for a cobbler. It’s not unusual for this talented chef to invent new taste experiences customers eat up at Stacked.

In the five years since Stacked opened, the burgers have become legendary, in large part because of her fine-tuned knowledge of flavors and food. Her housemade sauces, condiments, relishes, chutneys and savory jams add real depth to the burger experience at Stacked. A lush bourbon bacon maple jam even inspired a favorite dessert on the menu, the Bourbon Caramel Brownie, which Stacked shared with Post-Dispatch readers in 2016. The brownie gets topped with Udder Shock ice cream that Windisch developed in collaboration with Beckie Jacobs of Serendipity Ice Cream.

As it grows, the restaurant continues to expand food, drink and even experiential options for its guests. Along with partner Sam Siebenman and partner-husband Matt Windisch, Laura Windisch opened an event space, Ivory Orange, which is located within walking distance of Stacked. Ivory Orange hosts large parties, weddings and pop-up events. It also fills the need for a catering kitchen for off-site events by Stacked and as a primary kitchen for Kitchen House Coffee.

The unusual cooperative kitchen-sharing arrangement highlights another core value for both Stacked Burger Bar and for Kitchen House Coffee — supporting and encouraging others to succeed, and promoting business growth and development in the Carondelet neighborhood.

The collaborations at Stacked don’t end with space sharing and delicious ice cream creations. The bar program features locally made brews and spirits. For example, fall’s seasonal cocktails include the Spiced Cherry Sour. It starts with Defiance bourbon, distilled in Bourbon, Mo., and uses locally made orange spice syrup from Heirloom Bottling, served with a splash of lemon and an orange wedge.

Order that drink with the October beef stroganoff burger-of-the month, which starts with a ground chuck patty, topped with beef stroganoff, melty Swiss cheese and crispy fried onion strings. Try it with a side of applesauce from the local fall crop of new apples.

Stacked Burger Bar

7637 Ivory Avenue


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