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Fried Potato Salad at Three Monkeys

Special request: A side of the Fried Potato Salad photographed alongside a Cuban sandwich on Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2017, at Three Monkeys. Photo by Laurie Skrivan,

Q • I’ve just got to have the recipe for the fried potato salad at Three Monkeys. It’s great. — Mary Holway, Hazelwood

A • Three Monkeys is a convivial corner tavern, the sort of casual, food- and family-friendly place that every good neighborhood really ought to have.

Located just south of Tower Grove Park, Three Monkeys is more restaurant than bar, especially during the dinner hours, says general manager Marion Adams McGuire. It does attract a later-night bar clientele tempted by a kitchen open for pizzas and appetizers until 11 p.m. Street-side tables make for good people-watching on warm St. Louis summer evenings.

Three Monkeys is known for hand-tossed pizzas with from-scratch crusts that McGuire calls East Coast style, not thin but not super-thick either. Still, newcomers ready for a quintessential Three Monkeys menu might start off with a signature cocktail (McGuire is partial to the peach old-fashioned) and an order of meaty wings or Jungle Love Nachos, corn tortilla chips loaded with house-made pulled pork and taco meat. McGuire says the restaurant’s “small salad” has so many ingredients, it’s really too huge to be small; many diners top the fresh greens and vegetables with grilled chicken or salmon.

Burgers and sandwiches round out the menu — extra-good bets since Three Monkeys’ warm potato salad is served on the side. Did you get that? Potato salad with a traditional mayo dressing but served w-a-r-m. It’s so popular that Three Monkey offers it in a larger appetizer-size serving, too. That means the kitchen prepares a huge batch of dressing every week, 23 quarts at a time.

Three Monkeys will celebrate its 10-year anniversary in November with a pig roast and a charity chili cookoff.

Three Monkeys

3153 Morganford Road

Special Request is written by Town and Country resident Alanna Kellogg, author of the online recipe column and “veggie evangelist” at the food blog about vegetables, A Veggie Venture.

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