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Union Loafer's sandwich piles beets, sauerkraut on signature bread

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SR Roasted Beet Sandwich from Union Loafers, for publication October 12, 2022

Union Loafers meaty roasted beet sandwich features fresh roasted beets, a house made Thousand Island Dressing that’s so good they named it the 100K Island Dressing, house brined sauerkraut, all served on a Union Loafers hoagie roll.

Q • I’ve become a big fan of Union Loafers’ beet sandwich and would love to have the recipe. — Joe Sedey, St. Louis

A • The beet sandwich at Union Loafers is a vegetarian sandwich even a carnivore can love. It features slabs of beets piled high on a Union Loafers’ split hoagie roll, topped with house-made thousand island dressing, Gruyère cheese and a house-made sauerkraut. It’s been a customer favorite for years for good reason.

“It’s a unique vegetarian take on a Reuben with beets standing in for the meat,” says chef Brian Moxey. “The flavor’s clean, and direct. We call our house-made dressing for it 100K island sauce because it’s so much better than regular thousand island dressing,” Moxey says.

Although Union Loafers makes the sauerkraut it uses in-house, Moxey suggested the Brinery sauerkraut as an alternative. It is available at Union Loafers, Edibles & Essentials and Whole Foods.

The sandwich is easy to make at home. The 100K island dressing can easily be made a day before you plan to make the sandwich. The surest way to make it go smoothly is to have all ingredients pre-measured and ready to go before starting the food processor. The sauce keeps five days in the refrigerator.

Wrapping the beets in foil for roasting turned out to be a great method. The skins slip beautifully when they’ve cooled down enough to handle and clean-up is simple, too. You may want to serve this sandwich with a small Little Gem salad, a recipe Union Loafers shared with the Post in February 2020.

Moxey joined Union Loafers six months ago. “This job has been super-rewarding,” he says. “I’ve been a fan of Union Loafers for years and used their bread in the different restaurants I’ve worked in,” he says. “People love the classic things on the menu and come back over and over for them, like the beet sandwich.”

Moxey has run some seasonal specials in the six months he’s been there, such as the ramp pizza in the spring. He’s also added panna cotta desserts to the menu, served with a seasonal fruit compote. “We had a brown butter peaches compote this summer. Now we’re moving into apple season. New sandwich specials included a mortadella sandwich and a roasted zucchini sandwich. We’re staying true to form with the Loafers’ identity and having fun inside it,” he says.

Union Loafers is now open for inside and patio dining for lunch and dinner. The restaurant takes a break between lunch and dinner, when pizzas are served. It still offers online ordering for food, breads and baked goods for pickup or delivery.

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