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The name of the red grape called petite sirah might make you think it produces a light, delicate wine, but just the opposite is true. This dark grape is known for its big, robust red wines that can be high in alcohol and quite tannic. Although it’s spelled differently than syrah, petite sirah is believed to be the offspring of the red wine grapes syrah and peloursin. The following wines would be great on a cold evening to accompany steak and other types of grilled beef, lamb or game.

Haraszthy Family Cellars 2015 Bearitage Petite Sirah, Lodi, California

Bought • Friar Tuck, 9053 Watson Road, in October for $12.99

Description • This wine comes from Val Haraszthy, who has been making wine for some 40 years. If you enjoy his winery’s well-regarded zinfandel, you will probably like the petite sirah. This full-bodied, inky wine has an inviting fruity nose and is rich and jammy. It’s a well-balanced, big wine that has puckery tannins and tastes of dark berries and black pepper spice. It would go well with bratwurst, barbecued beef brisket and other meat dishes.

EOS Estate Winery 2015 Petite Sirah, Paso Robles, California

Bought • Friar Tuck, 9053 Watson Road, in October, for $11.99

Description • This powerful wine, which received 90 points from Wine Enthusiast, is even bigger in body and darker in color than the Haraszthy. The EOS petite sirah is not a wine for the meek. Aged in oak for nine months, this is an in-your-face red that’s earthy, tannic and high in acidity. It tastes of blackberries, plums and black cherries with a hint of coffee. This is a strongly flavored wine that needs food, preferable hearty meat entrées.

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