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Sérol Les Blondins Côte Roannaise 2017

Sérol Les Blondins Côte Roannaise 2017

If you’re hunting for a special, springtime red to serve with an Easter dinner, a great choice is Les Blondins from Côte Roannaise, an appellation in France’s Loire region. In addition to being delicious, this wine is a celebration of long family friendships. It’s the result of a collaboration between the celebrated chef Michel Troisgros and Stéphane Sérol, owner of the highly regarded Domaine Robert Sérol. Les Blondins comes from grapes planted by their fathers many years ago.

The wine is served at La Maison Troisgros, the world-famous restaurant that has received three Michelin stars every year since 1968. In addition, the wine was exported by the well-respected Becky Wasserman & Co., famous for its portfolio of fine wines from small estates in Burgundy and other areas of France.

Les Blondins is made from gamay St. Romain grapes that are mostly found in Côte Roannaise. It’s a local clone of the gamay grape best known for its role in reds from neighboring Beaujolais, where it is used to produce fresh, fruity, easy-to-drink wines that are light to medium in body and low in tannins.

Les Blondins 2017 Côte Roannaise, France

Bought • Starrs, 1135 South Big Bend Boulevard, in March for $22.99

Description • This delicious wine has an inviting floral nose and a vibrancy that just says spring. A medium-bodied red, it’s more muscular than most Beaujolais wines and has lots of richness and character. Fresh, fruity and quite refreshing, it tastes of raspberries with a touch of earthiness. Best consumed young and a little chilled, this smooth and easy-to-drink red would go well with ham, lamb and duck.

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