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Made in St. Louis : Jenny Anderson

Jenny Anderson from Kirkwood poses with a couple of her art pieces on Tuesday, March 6, 2012, for the Made in St. Louis column. Photo by Johnny Andrews,


Home • Kirkwood

Age • 45

Family • Single with a 9-year-old daughter

What she makes • Jenny is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and owner of WunderWalls. You can view her wall prints at To contact Jenny, email her at or call 314-541-8711.

• Tell us about your company. I've been illustrating as long as I have been designing. Many illustrators don't have access to representatives selling their work anymore and have to promote themselves, because stock images are so readily available and inexpensive. I wanted another outlet. I didn't want just the everyday, mass-produced "wall décor" people find at retail stores. Art is very personal, and I think people want something that inspires them, at a price they can afford. I print archival-quality prints from my home office and also partner with a local framer to print my artworks on canvas and wrap them around frames.

• When did you start illustrating? As a child, I was interested in drawing. Even in college, I just started naturally illustrating while designing if the project called for it. My first post-college job was with a small design shop whose clients couldn't often afford illustration. I just figured I'd give it a go and have really never stopped.

• Tell us the process of illustrating. I have no one process; I simply create with an end feeling in mind. Sometimes I sketch doodles, scan drawings, illustrate directly on the Mac. I see some beginnings, a thread of an impression and then see what emerges as it comes together. The process can happen quickly and magically; sometimes it takes a long time.

• Who is your favorite artist? Mother Nature ranks right up there. I can't improve on her; I can just present her work in new ways.

• What type of art do you prefer? I appreciate appeal in most styles, and I try to be as diverse as my own tastes are.

• How do you catalog your work? I scan fabrics, leaves, little bits of paper and old botanical archives. Then I compile everything on the computer.

• How has your work developed throughout the years? I think my tastes change and evolve constantly. My work keeps shifting, and I just try to roll with it.

• What advice do you have for aspiring artists? Keep your eyes open and find inspiration anywhere and everywhere. Art doesn't have to be complex or perfectly composed to make you appreciate it. Most important, create or surround yourself with what you like and what inspires you.

• Where do you see yourself in five years? I see myself working with new styles and new subject matter. I'd love to find architects or interior designers to work with, or even design retail spaces.

• What are your prices? In this photo, the Arch Print One from the St. Louis Arch series (24-inch-by-36-inch) canvas is $128 and Two Iris Botanical (16-inch-by-20-inch) canvas is $78.

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